With the endless variety of Men's watches out there, from the complex to the expensive. How do you go about selecting and shopping for one?  

Warm welcome to Sir Connoisseurz's watch buying guide, we will be sharing tips and articles on helping you select and choose the watches that might be of interest to you and where to buy your watch.

Be sure to check out the following watch buying guide section below to help you get started.

To start off you can look at your wardrobe, your occasions and your budget, and consider the following questions:

Occasions and Type
  • When will you be wearing it? For your work,cocktail parties, or for outdoor sport activities?
  • Do you need the watch to be a "smart watch" with all the tech bells and whistles?

Should it be Analog, Digital or Digital/analog?
  • An Analog watch - considered the more formal, classic watch type, and is perfect for business, dates and formal events. An analog watch has a face that holds hour and minute hands, and either numbers, markers or numerals that display a twelve hour day. 
  • Digital watches - considered the casual sibling from its analog type. A digital watch has either an light emitting diode (LED) or a liquid crystal display (LCD) face that displays the time in numeric form either in 12 or 24 hours.
  • Digital/Analog watches - considered the utilitarian and can be worn to work and during your daily life routine. Digital/Analog watches both comes with an analog and a digital face.

Battery, Quartz or Hand wound
  • Digital watches powered by a small watch battery,which can be purchased easily at most watch repair or electronic stores.
  • Quartz watches are analog timepieces that keep extremely accurate time. These watches run on a vibrating, electrified quartz crystal.
  • Hand wound watches - powered by a complex array of springs and mechanical gears. Hand wound type watches can command a hefty price as a result of their superior craftsmanship. Mechanical watches normally come lose about an hour a year or so and must be wound regularly.

Watch Crystal

The watch crystal is a transparent cover that protects the watch face. It is made from mineral glass, plexiglass, traditional glass or synthetic sapphire.
  • Mineral glass is less likely to scratch but more likely to crack.
  • Plexiglass is the cheapest amongst the watch crystals. It's the most likely to scratch and least likely to crack.
  • Synthetic sapphire costs the most in comparison, but it's the most scratch-resistant however it breaks quite easily.

Watch Frame/Case
  • Analog watches' case can be round, rectangular, square. The analog watches' frame finish can be shiny, patterned, or inlaid with jewels.
  • Cases for analog watches are usually made of metal ranging from steel, titanium, gold, silver,with platinum being the most common. Getting a watch with a case made from the titanium, gold, silver is going to cost you a hefty price tag.

Watch Band type
  • Analog watch bands will normally be made of leather or metal used on the case.
  • Digital watches (sports/outdoor/gadgets/smart watches) usually have plastic or nylon watch bands.

Watch Band Guide (Details of watch band guide here)

From the day to day, the casual to the special occasions,even the best groomed men can get tripped up when it comes to choosing and selecting the right watch with the right watch band to suit the occasion.

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