Thursday, November 14, 2013

In the earlier part of my life, I've been a vivid traveller flying across continents,in case you are wondering - no I wish it's for leisure proposes and not solely for work. Along the way, I somehow caught a bug - scouring for unique watches as I travel across each country - not sure why but it seems like a part of me is yearning to venture into my very own "watch conquering quest".

Ok long story cut short, in the upcoming series of posts to be found on this site, Musing of a Watch Connoisseurz (yes that's me haha), I will be sharing with you the secrets - ok maybe the not so secret but the findings of my "watch conquering quest" with you fellow Connoisseurz.

For today, let's start with something simple shall we? I will be sharing with you on how to choose the watch band size, length and the types of watch bands available in the market.

Step 1: Size of Your Watch Band/Straps
Your first task is to determine the band/strap size you will need. The watch bands/straps come in a variety of sizes available - generally from really tiny sizes 13mm to 18 mm, 20 mm 22mm, 24 mm, 26 mm and so on.

Examine the underside of your watch band/strap to see if the band size is visible, this is the quickest and easiest way to determine what size is suitable for you. Get a metric ruler and measure the distance between the lugs. The lugs are the extensions on both the top and bottom of watches where the strap is attached, there are a total of four.

If your watch band is worn off or in a really bad condition, you can take the watch to your local watch dealer or repair store to determine its size.

Step 2: Watch Band/Straps Length 
Once you have completed the first step in determining your watch band/strap size. You will need to determine the watch band length. The watch band length is measured in inches, you can use your handy ruler and measure the length of the watch band/strap less the watch case. The watch band/strap length should be printed on the underside of the band, so be sure to check it first.

Step 3: Watch Case Size
In order to get the correct watch band/strap you will need to measure your watch case size. Watch case sizes are measured in inches. One way to find out the case size of your watch is to try visiting the manufacturer's site. If however the information isn’t available you can still measure it by 1. Place the case with the 12 o’clock lug pinholes on the top and the 6 o’clock pinholes on the bottom. 2. The distance between the top and bottom lugs is your watch case size.

Step 4: Types of Watch Bands/Straps
Here's where you can get really creative with the types of watch bands variety to match your occasions!
Rubber Watch Bands/Straps
Many of the popular diving and sports watches available in the market comes in rubber straps. An essential if you are the weekend escape diver. Most of the sport chronograph watches comes with a elastic and fairly durable rubber straps.

Here's a couple of popular rubber watch bands:

Leather Bracelets Bands/Straps
From the plain to the textured type like the crocodile pattern bands/straps. The leather bands/straps also comes in a wide variety of colors for most brands.

Here's a couple of popular leather watch bands:

Metal Stretch Bands/Straps 
Appropriate for most occasions and suiting different kinds of watches from cocktails watches, sports watches, diving watches to the day to day casual watches. These flexible metallic based bands are great especially if you are having a hard time deciding on the type of watch band based on your requirements.

Here's a couple of popular metal stretch watch bands:

Canvas Watch Bands/Straps
Similar to the rubber band/straps sibling most are found on sport type watches.

Here's a couple of popular canvas type watch bands:

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